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Hello my dear friends ~ 

My name is Kim and I’m a 25 yo amateur baker (if you feel like getting something for my birthday, I was born on 11th March 1993 :p ). I come from Belgium, this lovely rainy European country. My mother tongue is French but I’ve chosen to write this blog in English because it’s a language I feel more comfortable with when it comes to expressing myself, writing about my feelings or cracking jokes. Besides, I’m a millenial so I’m surrounded by culture that’s written/spoken in English. Moreover, I feel like writing a baking blog in French makes the whole thing very serious, and that’s not me. I like fun and I’m under the impression that fun is easier in English. So yeah, I’ll be expressing myself in English. Désolée :p

What I do for a living has nothing to do with desserts since I’m a student – and Uni is no piece of cake. I’m crossing my fingers, hoping to obtain my Master’s degree in multilingual communication. Let’s pray together, shall we?

I’ve been learning how to bake since 2011 when I started struggling with a crippling depression and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Baking has helped me go through a lot and I’ve never been able to stop making desserts ever since. I’m particularly fond of French pastry. I love baking macarons, éclairs et entremets. I’m not too crazy about American desserts such as cupcakes but I always find a way to make them in my own way if my loved ones want me to.

Baking can be done with a few simple ingredients, so it’s about simplicity and nostalgia – people are reminded of their childhood.

Paul John Hollywood

[tbh I’ve never watched The Great British Bake Off because British culinary shows are meh but this bloke is cool]

I’ve decided to share my recipes with you guys, isn’t it awesome? I hope you will enjoy scrolling down this blog.




P. S.: I speak French, English, Dutch and German. Feel free to communicate with me in any of these languages ❤